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Up Close Image of COVID-19 Molecule COVID-19 Midwifery Resources is a Course

COVID-19 Midwifery Resources

Started Mar 23, 2020


Full course description

Since the evidence about COVID 19 and the appropriate response methods are continually changing, we want to make sure that we are providing the most recent information.  The module of this course titled Continually Updated Websites contains links to websites that NCM trusts to provide continually updated and relevant information.  The other modules of the course contain pages that are labeled with the date they were posted.  Some of these pages will continue to be relevant throughout the pandemic response whereas other pages will become outdated.  NCM staff will do their best to remove any information that is no longer relevant but this will need to be a joint effort.  Please contact Cassaundra at if you come across information you believe should be removed.

You can use the chat feature to connect with other people who are online in the course at the same time that you are.  You can also engage in discussions with other participants under the Discussions section.  Please be aware that chat and discussions will not be moderated and that it is required that you read and agree to abide by NCM's Online Discussion PolicyPreview the document before participating.

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