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ASM Student Orientation (Required for Program Enrollment) is a Course

ASM Student Orientation (Required for Program Enrollment)

Started Apr 30, 2018


Full course description

This course provides enrollees (midwifery preceptors and apprentices) with basic information on NCM values, philosophy, structures, policies and procedures. Completion of this course is required for all students prior to program enrollment and is utilized as a reference throughout a student's time with the College.

Major Learning Objectives:

  1. Preceptor/Instructor Qualifications and Requirements
  2. Minimal technology Skills and Equipment Required for the program of study
  3. Evaluation of Expenses
  4. How to create and maintain an NCM Plan of Completion
  5. Become Familiar with the Required Textbooks
  6. Understand the Prerequisite Knowledge for the NCM programs
  7. ASM Overview
  8. BSM Overview  
  9. Understand the Academic Block System
  10. NCM Mission, Goals, Values
  11. Cultural Awareness and Humility definitions
  12. Awareness of Competency-Based Education
  13. How to Enter into a Health Student Preceptor Relationship
  14. How to Establish ground rules and sign preceptor contracts
  15. Deep reflection on bullying in midwifery
  16. How to stay organized as an NCM Student
  17. Know the student services that are available
  18. Accessing journal articles, the digital and physical library and the NCM booklist

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